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Expanding the Vision

The vision for the Pacific Naturopathic Retreat Center...

has evolved through the work and study of Connie and Marcel Hernandez, California and Hawaii-licensed naturopathic physicians. The vision has matured over the past twenty-five years, reflecting an integration of the teachings of a number of inspired teachers and groups. The resulting synthesis has focused on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellness and on human relationships with each other, with other living entities, and with our planet.

Pacific Naturopathic Retreat Center is a multi-purpose facility providing a variety of services. It houses a working naturopathic medical clinic specializing in Nature Cure and Water Cure where local residents and visitors receive naturopathic medical care.

We provide space for and are part of Ala Loa Natural Health Center, a consortium of complementary health care providers offering some of the finest health care on the Island.

We offer a space for small group meetings and seminars.

We offer a day spa with far infrared sauna, hot tub, cold plunge and dressing room.

We are developing organic tropical herb and vegetable gardens where we will offer public tours and classes.

We are also developing a special nutrition educational program for local low-income families.

The setting for Pacific Naturopathic Retreat Center is within a young orchard and farm, specializing in edible landscaping and exotic tropical fruits, vegetables and flowers. The heart of the land is an international peace garden, a stone wall circle surrounded by a mock orange hedge and centered on a peace pole dedicated on January 1, 2000. All facilities are ecologically designed with environmentally sensitive guests in mind.

Pacific Naturopathic Retreat Center is based on the principles of traditional naturopathic medicine. Naturopathic medicine addresses disharmony on all levels of being: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and social. In addition to promoting natural healing on the physical level, Pacific Naturopathic Retreat Center reflects the perspectives that healing occurs through attunement with spirit and nature, and that spiritual healing can precipitate healing on all other levels.

The retreat center moves away from standardized and depersonalized care, to individualized care in an atmosphere of health promotion and wellness. Our work is focused on many levels, as the individual's awareness, needs and desires dictate. Naturopathic medical philosophy and practice stresses trust in and co-operation with Vix Medicatrix Naturae, or the healing power of nature. Stimulation of this vital force within each person is the beginning of our work.

The therapeutic approach reflects the founders' training and clinical experience in aspects of naturopathy and their immersion over time in a variety of spiritual paths and disciplines. Therapies include botanical and nutritional medicine, hydrotherapy, homeopathy and other energy medicine, as well as counseling and breathing and meditation techniques. Associated local health practitioners provide massage, yoga therapy, movement therapies, and other types of healing.



Drs. Connie and Marcel Hernandez - Pacific Naturopathic Retreat Center
47-4628 Waipio Road - Honokaa, Hawaii 96727

Phone: 808-775-1505


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