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Vibratory Healing

Vibratory Healing Techniques“There are many kinds of healing, each of which can be used in healing physical, mental, or Spiritual diseases. Of the different kinds of healing by medicine, injection, affirmation, massage, nerve or vertebrae adjustment, by imagination or will or faith, Vibratory Healing is of the greatest importance. Vibratory Healing consists in creating and sending vibrations to diseased individuals, internally by energy charged by will power, or externally by superconsciously impregnated chants, intonations of the human voice, and enlivening words, phrases, and affirmations.”
From the teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda
                                                 in Divine Will Healing, page 66

Recently having been invited to teach a class on vibrational medicine, I found myself baffled as I tried to sort out what it was that I was to be talking about. Just what is vibrational medicine? As Einstein so famously made clear in his E=mc2 equation, energy and matter are expressions of the same substance. And that “all that is” substance is characterized by vibration, whether it be of the physical body, the etheric body, the astral body, or the causal body.

Generally, when one speaks of vibrational medicine, the emphasis is on techniques and modalities that discern or impact our multidimensional anatomy at a subtle energy level, subtle implying higher frequency, or that which can not be seen. As technology progresses, the distinctions blur, both in diagnosis and in treatment. And so we have, in conventional medicine, magnetic resonance imaging, and electro and laser therapies. In our own clinic, we have the Quantum Xxroid machine, a device which reads and balances the energy flows in the organs and meridians of the body, and which assesses the vibrational resonance of nutrients and other substances with the body in question.

In naturopathic medicine, when we speak of vibrational medicine, we are making a distinction between the usage, on the one hand, of pharmacological doses of substances for physiological responses, as in synthetic drug therapy and in the orthomolecular use of nutrients or the megadosing of botanical medicines, and, on the other hand, the use of energy medicines such as homeopathy, flower essences, gem elixirs, chromotherapy (healing with color), light therapy, acupuncture, and hand healing.

Homeopathy is one of the most well known of these modalities. Homeopathic remedies are created by progressive dilution and shaking (“succussion” ) which result in medicines that maintain the subtle energetic qualities of the plant being used, while leaving not a single molecule of the original substance in the medicine. The medicine is prescribed by matching the frequency of the homeopathic medicine with the frequency of the illness of the patient. The physical and emotional concerns of the patient are matched to the symptom pattern that would be created by the plant in pharmacological dosing. The tiny doses of subtle energy patterning often result in transformative healing for the patient, a leaping of levels, rather than a progressive slogging through symptoms.

Flower essences are created even more simply, by floating blossoms in pure water in crystal bowls, set in the sunlight, to imbue the water with the energetic essence of the flower in question. These remedies are taken to balance mental and emotional energies, and indeed they do. The repetitions of dosages of these flower essences serve as sequential vibrational adjustments.

While, to the uninitiated, homeopathic and flower essence remedies may seem like the purest of fantasy, today’s technologies allow us to demonstrate the reality of their workings. In Kirlian photography, a not so new development, when one photographs a bud, one can see the energetic pattern of the leaf the bud is to become. If a broken or inharmonious energetic pattern is restored to wholeness or harmony, the physical structure will coalesce around that restoration.

Recently, a Japanese scientist by the name of Emoto has entranced many of us with his photographs of frozen water crystals. In his work, Emoto Sensei exposes water to words, music, intention and prayer, and photographs the beauty and the coherence of the resultant crystalline structures. Ugly vibes distort the structures. Positive intention and words of love organize the frozen water molecules into beautiful crystalline patterns. The implications are profound when one remembers that human beings are 70% water. One can extrapolate from Emoto Sensei’s work the extraordinary effect of the most subtle of energetic vibrations on our bodies.

These most subtle vibrations are the vibrations of consciousness itself. In the quote above, Sri Yogananda refers to the use of focused consciousness in healing as “vibratory healing”. First there is the thought, then there is the word, whether in song, blessing or affirmation. Realizing the impact of our every word, our every emotion laden interaction, we understand how it is that, through the integrity, harmoniousness, and directed intention of each individual expression that we ourselves, and the world can be healed.

We speak, in naturopathy, of vix medicatrix naturae, or the healing power of nature. This same power is, in various spiritual traditions, referred to as perfect power or conscious cosmic energy. This is the intelligent energy which organizes, harmonizes, integrates, and transforms all bodily and multi dimensional energetic functions, indeed, life itself. As we attune to and allow this energy to flow freely through us, we and others receive the benefits of its healing power. As channels of vibratory healing, by will and concentration, we are increasingly able to effect transformation on an individual and planetary level.

Vibratory healing is healing at the level of causation, and, as such, is both the responsibility and the birth right of each one of us. Inherent in vibratory healing is the potential and promise of instantaneous transformational cure. What can be done can be undone. What can be depleted can be restored. What can be imbalanced can be balanced. What can be lifeless can be vibrant. What can be sorrow can be joy. There is no such thing as impossible to cure. It is only that the one who says so simply doesn’t yet know the truth of vibratory healing.

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