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How The Big Island Facilitates Growth in Consciousness (Part II)

The Big Island is known as the "Healing Island," hence the origin of the name of this health-oriented column. Several months ago I wrote a column examining the reasons why Hawai'i might have acquired this name. That column inspired such a great response that I thought I would follow up by asking three of the health practitioner advertisers in Hawaii Island Journal why they came to the Big Island and what their experiences have been.

Angela LongoAngela Longo, Ph.D., L.Ac., living on the Island for 21 years, is an acupuncturist practicing and teaching in Waimea. She is also the founder of the Traditional Chinese Medicine College of Hawaii, also located in Waimea. She was teaching at San Francisco State when she started exploring her consciousness in terms of what was important to her and the direction she wanted to follow in her life. She came to the realization that her path was to live the dream of the Garden of Eden -- to live in an idyllic location of beauty, without duality, without judgement. She found that the Big Island fulfilled this dream, at least in terms of physical surroundings.

Dr. Longo says that the Big Island has a special "enlivening" energy that forces people to expand their awareness and awakens them to their higher purpose. The Island opens people up so that the sense of the oneness of creation is a real, tangible experience. Practitioners of the healing arts who undergo this process then realize that they have a responsibility to share this expanded awareness -- to help other people awaken by supporting them unconditionally. This support awakens in other healers their ability to heal themselves and others. Thus, healers are drawn to the BigIsland to work with health practitioners who are in tune with this transformative process.

Kathleen Golden, M.A., is a counselor, meditation teacher, healer and Reiki practitioner living and practicing in Volcano. She and her husband, Peter, have been living on the Big Island for 10 years, and run Volcano Rainforest Retreat, a bed and breakfast retreat. Before moving here, Kathleen and Peter were vacationing on the Island and were deeply moved by the power of the land, especially the native rainforest. They felt their own healing processes accelerated by the beauty and energy of the emanating from the land. When Peter asked her what she thought about relocating to the Big Island, the answer was obvious.

The GoldensAs soon as they moved, doors started opening for them and their B&B retreat took form. The forest took hold of them and told them where to situate their buildings. They surrendered and were guided by the energy and power of the land. Soon, people were attracted to their B&B and the conscious manner in which they were living their lives. Many of their visitors leave notes on how touched they are by the ancient Hawaiian spirit that permeates the land. Kathleen emphasizes that the energy of the rainforest is the true healer, and the extent with which we connect with it is reflected in the degree of healing that occurs.petroglyph

Marta Barreras is a skilled practitioner in several healing arts and has a special gift in Feng Shui (to be covered in a future issue). Marta describes Feng Shui as the ancient art of placement and space design. She says that she assists people in transforming their homes and workplaces into sanctuaries that create harmony, health and prosperity.

Although Marta had a lucrative practice on the mainland's West Coast, she had reached a crossroads in her life, so she sold all her possessions and moved to the Big Island two years ago to achieve clarity in her consciousness. In what she refers to as her "soul calling," she went to the Place of Refuge and prayed for guidance.

Feng ShuiMarta says that living on the Big Island is like being in the ultimate Feng Shui life supportive environment. There are two dynamics occurring simultaneously: on the one hand, the gentle climate and the soft air nourishes and caresses. This has allowed her to relax deeply into herself and practice her skills from a more profound place because she feels so supported by the elements. This is the feeling that vacationers experience when they come to the Island. On the other hand, there is a dynamic on the Island that brings up personal core issues. There is a lack of distraction here that forces us to confront and deal with these issues. She adds that this confrontation creates a lot of pressure in some Island residents, and they tend to "float," or lose focus and concentration. Marta is very grateful for both dynamics, which she finds strengthening and empowering, as well as challenging. She says that in this highly charged environment it takes all of our inner strength to rise to the level we need to go to if we want to enhance our healing abilities. It is well worth the effort.

What most health practitioners on the Big Island agree with is that despite the obvious beauty and gentleness of the environment, there is an innate energy, an intensity, and a challenge to living here that vacationers rarely experience. Meeting this challenge with optimism, openness and joyful expectation can be life-transformative. It is important to keep in mind that we are here, together on this Island for a purpose. Perhaps, as Dr. Longo suggests, our purpose is to help each other rise to the next level in consciousness.

Angela Longo -- 808-885-4239 - http://www.nhemofoundation.com/ - http://www.spa-n-taneous.com
Kathleen Golden -- 808-985-8696, www.volcanoretreat.com
Marta Barreras -- 808-328-1221, marta@aloha.net

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