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A Simple Skin Detox

Skin damage from solar radiation A hundred years ago, radiation exposure wasn’t even a concept in our health consciousness. That’s not the case in our modern environment where we are constantly exposed to cancer-causing radiation from medical procedures, television and computer screens, cell phones, airplane flights, cosmic rays and other natural and man-made materials in our environment.

An easy skin cleanse was developed by Dr. Hazel Parcells, a leading researcher in the field of detoxification and energy healing. Her work has changed the lives of many, who credit her with their renewed health. This amazing teacher & practitioner lived and continued her research until she passed away at the age of 106.

Dr. Parcells recommends this highly alkaline salt and soda soak to help neutralize the effects of radiation: Place 2 pounds of salt with 2 pounds of baking soda in a hot bath and soak for 20 minutes, until the water cools. That's all there is to it.

This simple soak will help cleanse your skin and keep the rest of your body healthy.

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